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Using the Rope Halter

Tying the Knot to Secure the Halter
Using a Lead Rope with a Rope Halter
Retying the Fiador Knot

Tying the Knot:
  • Stand next to horse's left shoulder facing the same direction as the horse
  • Holding halter by the tie loop and poll tie in the left hand, place right arm over horse's neck
  • With halter in left hand pass halter poll tie under horse's neck to right hand (hug the horse)
  • Place the horse's nose in the nose band and rub the horse with the halter as you pull it on (after you do this enough times the horse begins to hug you back)
Horse Accepting Halter
  • Insert end of poll tie through tie loop from back to front
  • Wrap end of poll tie in the shape of a D to the right and around behind tie loop
  • Place end of poll tie through center of D shape from left to right and from front to back
  • If tied properly, the end of the poll tie will hang down away from the horse's eye
Example of Knot on Horse
  • Do not leave a halter on a loose horse
  • Do not tie horses to objects that may break or be dragged
  • Do use a Blocker Tie Ring
  • is not responsible for misuse of halter

See also: Using the Lead Rope with the Rope Halter and
Retying the Fiador Knot

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