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We Love Horses and It Shows!

We have a passionate love for horses which we want to share. We search out and create products which support and inspire the love of horses and Natural Horsemanship everywhere.

Our best teachers are our horses. Our love for them has lead us to learn about communication and care that are natural to them. Our preference and theirs has been Natural Horsemanship including playing together at liberty, riding bareback and bridleless, and living in open space in a herd with bare feet. Communicating at liberty on the ground and on horseback is the ultimate goal. Our Natural Horsemanship tools help along the way.

We have also learned from some of the best in the Natural Horsemanship business both in person and through books and videos: Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli, John Lyons, Leslie Desmond, Deb Cooper, Robert Miller, Jamie Jackson, Lyle Bergeleen and Martha Olivo to name a few.

We have shared many adventures with our horses: trail riding, trail blazing, trail trials, endurance, three-day eventing, liberty triaining, and freestyle riding. Barbara was once invited to perform as a Savvy Player with David Lynch. Mike has become an expert in natural hoof trimming while Barbara has pursued certification in equine sports massage, and somatic therapy for horses. We have learned about natural horse management, nutrition, foaling, foal handling, colic surgery recovery, and laminitus recovery. We have been tested and challenged to be our best selves. Our horses have become part of our family. We have made a lifetime commitment to them.

We also love the sea. Mike raced sailboats and built a steel sailboat as a young man. We lived on boats for ten years. Our horsefriendly business is a natural outcome of the combination of our marine and horse experience. Mike personally puts his years of experience with marine rope into every splice.
We have been in business as since 1997. We are a family run business dedicated to excellence in customer service. Our customers consistently receive our personal attention. Our collection of testimonials are unsolicited.

Our daughter has been riding since she could sit up. Photos of her at various ages are sprinkled throughout the website.

After gaining a strong foundation in Natural Horsemanship, she has applied her balanced seat and ability to communicate with horses to more traditional equestrian sports through participation in Pony Club. We have kept her horses barefoot, living in a herd, and wearing no more than a snaffle bit in their mouths throughout.

We are continually learning and enjoy sharing our love of horses and the wisdom they inspire in us.

Mission Statement:

  • To support people to explore Natural Horsemanship and the practice of thinking like a horse

  • In a way that provides high quality service and Natural Horsemanship products

  • So that the people we touch develop closer relationships with their horses and their horses reflect that love horse will love you for it!


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