Promoting Natural Horsemanship with a horsefriendly bookstore, and rope halters.  Books written by the best in natural horsemanship: Pat Parelli, John Lyons, Buck Brannaman, Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Sally Swift, Monty Roberts, Jamie Jackson, and more.  Topics include natural horsemanship training, centered riding, foal imprinting, lameness, natural hoof care, horse whispering.
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Natural Horsemanship Bookstore
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Welcome to our horsefriendly bookstore.  Feel free to browse.
We have organized the books into two categories: 

Natural Horsemanship Training and Natural Hoof Care

In these sections you will find pictures and descriptions of books with links to reviews, pricing, and excellent customer service.  Purchases made through these links help to support this site through the associates program. 

Suggestions are welcome.  Feel free to give us titles, authors, or subjects you would like to see included in our horsefriendly bookstore. 

Please click here to suggest a book.

Thank you for your support...Your horse will thank you too!

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