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Natural Hoof Care

A Lifetime of Soundness by Dr. Hiltrud Strasser
This revolutionary book has changed the way we care for our horses. According to Dr. Strasser, "Most of the common health problems and lamenesses afflicting domestic horses are a direct result of man-made violations of their natural lifestyle, and can be prevented or cured through a removal of the cause and a return to a natural lifestyle."

Although horsefriendly cannot get this book for you thorough, it is so important to natural hoof care that we will refer you to another source. After you read this book please come back to our site for more horsefriendly books.

Link to the Horse Hoof site which sells this important book

The Natural Horse by Jamie Jackson The Natural Horse: Foundations for Natural Horsemanship by Jaime Jackson
Based on ground breaking research with wild horses, The Natural Horse vividly describes how domestic horses can be made happier and healthier through an understanding of what nature intended for the horse. This knowledge will help you provide natural care for horses and understand what naturally shaped hooves look like and how to achieve them.
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Horse Owner's Guide to Natural Hoof Care by Jamie Jackson
Horse Owners Guide to Natural Hoof Care by Jaime Jackson 
In this book Jaime Jackson guides horseowners through the difficult transition from conventional hoof care to natural hoof care. There exists a deeply ingrained tradition and blind acceptance of the ancient practice of shoeing horses. Unfortunately shoeing horses is not good for them. Jaime Jackson explains why shoeing is detrimental. In a very clear and concise way he walks horseowners through the education and practical processes of deshoeing. Every horseowner owes it to themselves and their horses to at least read this book. 
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Founder : Prevention and Cure the Natural Way by Jaime Jackson
This book offers a cure for founder! Jaime Jackson is an experienced farrier who spent years studying wild horses, with an interest in what makes them more sound than our domestic horses.His keep-it-simple, logical approach to treating founder is refreshing. Anyone who has tried "conventional" founder and navicular treatment for their horses should read this book. His "resources" section is empowering to the horse owner!

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Hoof Talk: The Hairline Tells It All by Lyle E. Bergy Bergeleen.
HoofTalk, The Hairline Tells It All 
by Lyle E. "Bergy" Bergeleen
This book offers an enlightening tour of the hoof.  Bergy provides a simple method for 
evaluating balance and stress in the hoof. He is a long-time shoer, instructor and horseman.  His system has been tested "on the job," and he does a terrific job of explaining it to the reader.  If you are interesed in natural hoof care but are not ready to take the shoes off your horse Bergy has the answer for you. 
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The Lame Horse by James R. Rooney, D.V.M.
The Lame Horse by James R. Rooney,  D.V.M. revised updated edition (June 1998)
Dr. Rooney is a recognized authority on equine lameness.  He covers fractures, injuries to tendons and ligaments, muscles, the nervous system, and more. In this new edition Dr. Rooney endorses barefootedness as the preferred state of  the hoof.  He has revised this well known resource to include both his new ideas about the natural hoof while still dealing with the problems of the shod horse.  The book is full of illustrations and even x-rays for explanation.
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