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Classic Natural Horsemanship Rope for Leads and Reins

Our classic leads and reins are made with Stable Braid which is designed with the specifications most desirable for equine applications.  Other rope can be stiff and/or heavy in comparison. The rope is constructed with a braided inner core and braided outer sleeve for flexibility and a live feel. The half inch rope is light enough to be a comfortable weight at the twenty-two foot length.  Stable Braid is the top rope choice among leading Natural Horsemanship trainers. In addition to offering the traditional white with a blue tracer, we custom order the rope in black with a blue tracer as a horsefriendly exclusive. 

When comparing rope, note the tracer (or lack of tracer) which identifies the manufacturer (see diagram below).  The tracer is a thread of a different color which is woven into the outer cover or sleeve of the rope.

Stable Braid

Double Braid
Stable braid 2-IN-1 double braided rope is actually two ropes in one.  First the braided core is constructed.  A second rope is then braided over it to form the cover or sleeve.  Since double braid rope was first introduced in 1958, there have been many improvements, but the basic design concept of a braided core has not changed. 
Along with the development of the double braided design came a twisting and braiding process to align all fibers parallel to the running axis of the rope.  This design provides maximum abrasion resistance and rope ware life, as well as greater control and stability under tension through controlled elongation. 

Rope Designed for Specific Applications
Together these improvements enable rope manufacturers to offer the most versatile assortment of braided ropes designed specifically for various applications.  By varying the fibers to alter the characteristics of the rope, a variety of ropes are offered, each with its own distinctive performance oriented characteristics. 

Stable Braid
Stable Braid has the correct strength, elasticity, and weight characteristics for equine applications.  The core and cover move separately to provide the live feel necessary for refinement of communication between horse and human. 

Order Rope to Make Your Own Halter
less than 100 ft. usually ships in 24 hours

more than 100 ft. usually ships in 2 weeks

Splicing Instructions
Double Braid Rope Eye Splice Video
Back Splice Document

No returns on rope by the foot.

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