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Rope for Halters  

Our horsefriendly halters are made from yacht braid which is marine grade rope with double braid construction. Our halters are available in polyester, dacron/polyester, and nylon for a rainbow of colors

Our halters are available in three types of rope:

Dacron/Polyester - Manufactured by New England Rope
Dacron/Polyester yacht braid rope is durable, strong, color fast, and lasts for years. It is slightly smaller than other brands of marine rope providing more pressure per square inch. An excellent choice for natural horsemanship rope tack especially for natural horsemanship trainers we know who use their rope horse handling equipment all day long. All New England Rope colors have red and white tracers making them multicolored. Colors include: Red, Blue, Green and Black.

Black Multicolor 
black with large white and small red tracer royal blue with large white and small red tracer
Blue Multicolor
Green Multicolor
kelly green withlarge white and small red tracers red with largre and small white tracers


Polyester - Manufactured by Pelican Rope Works and Aamstrand,
polyester yacht braid is durable, strong, color fast, and can last for years. Polyester marine rope is slightly softer and thicker than the New England Rope dacron/polyester rope, providing slightly more comfort for the horse. An excellent choice for the cost conscious horse owner who wants rope horse handling equipment that will last for years with regular use. The solid colored polyester rope is a good choice for the Colors include:
Black, Pacific Blue, Kelly Green, Yellow, Red, Purple, Hunter Green, and Pink.

black pacific blue
Pacific Blue
hunter green purple
Kelly Green
kelly green fire engine red
(1/4 inch only)
daffodil yellow  

Nylon - Manufactured by Aamstrand,
nylon yacht braid is strong, soft and can last for years. It is available in colors not found in polyester. Like the polyester, Aamstrand nylon is slightly softer and thicker than the New England Rope dacron/polyester marine rope providing slightly more comfort for the horse.
It is also a little more delicate than either of the polyester yacht braid ropes. We recommend storing the rope tack made from it indoors when not in use. The nylon marine rope retains it's strendth and function for years. However, over time it develops a fuzzy look. The main reason to choose Nylon is for color.
Colors include: Pink and Teal.

neon salmon pink teal green
(1/4 inch only)

When comparing rope, note the tracer (or lack of tracer) which identifies the manufacturer.  The tracer is a thread of a different color which is woven into the outer cover or sleeve of the rope. 

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