Natural Horsemanship rope halter and tack ideal for training.  We promote Natural Horsemanship training with a horsefriendly bookstore, natural horsemanship training links, natural hoof care links, natural horsemanship equipment, including: halters, lead ropes, lariats, reins, soft hackamores, bridles, training sticks and flags, strings, suede bareback pads, sweet iron snaffle bits, slobber straps, chin straps, snaps, Cool Off bandanas, kids and ponies.

Natural Horsemanship...Your horse will thank you for it.  --  horsefriendly rope halters, tack and training
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True Horsemanship Through FeelCentered Riding

We support Kopper Top Life Learning Center

We support City Limits Ranch Natural Horsemanship Program which provides natural horsemanship opportunities to children, teenagers and at-risk youth.

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